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What is Sunday Like?


GATHER: We gather on Sundays at 10:30am at 1320 W Lindsey, Norman, OK 73069.


Sundays are the time where we all gather together to be renewed in the good news of the love and grace of the Father, poured out through the blood of Christ on the cross, and into our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to be renewed in this truth all the time. Sundays are just when we all come together to celebrate this truth that we each need to hear every day.

And on Sundays we get to respond to God together in worship. Here at Redeemer, we believe that all parts of our service are an act of worship, not just the parts that include singing. We worship God through song. We also worship him through giving, through prayer, through preaching of the word, through communion, and through welcoming all who gather in the peace and love of Christ.



There is no one type of person that comes to Redeemer. Here all are welcome, from those who have believed in Christ for decades, to those who are just investigating who Jesus is. We are a family of people of different life stages, backgrounds, races, personalities, ages, etc. We hold to the fact that here what unites us is Christ. We long to look more and more like his kingdom that includes people of every tribe, tongue, and nation.




1. Sundays are for making much of Jesus.

It's not about the people on the stage, whether they're singing, praying, preaching, or whatever. It's about Jesus- his life, death, and resurrection that redeems all of life.

2. Sundays are for everyone.

You don't need a degree in theology for Sundays to make sense to you. We strive for all aspects of our service to be accessible, biblical, and wholly centered on the gospel, no matter what your background or age. That's why we have age-appropriate curriculum in each of our kids classes, because we want to partner with you in raising up disciples, not just babysit your kids.

3. Sundays are for starters.

Sundays are not the beginning, middle, and end of our Christian life. They're important. But Sundays are not meant to be where we try to satisfy our need for Christ all in one morning. We need Christ every moment of every day. Sundays are meant to be a place where we can be encouraged, pointed to truth, and sent back out to make God known and love our neighbors down the street and around the world.