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Why a Building Campaign?

This campaign is about Redeemer responding to the opportunity God has provided for us: to be good stewards, to give generously, to give thanks, to celebrate to see that space be filled with good, healthy fruit. 

What is the Building Campaign For?

To increase the seating capacity, safety, and functionality of our worship space. 

What are the Details?

  • Expand auditorium from 2,000 to 5,000 sq ft 
  • Expand seat capacity from 225 to 456 
  • Increase exits from 2 doors to 4 doors (with North exits) 
  • Create foyer with 3 access points to auditorium and viewing windows 
  • Add vaulted ceilings with expanded stage area 

How Much Will it Cost?

Ultimate monetary goal: $700,000 

The phase one monetary goal: $300,000.  

  • With $100,000 already in the building fund, we will need to raise an additional $200,000 over the next two years. 

What is the Worst Case Scenario?

If we raise no funds, our monthly mortgage is estimated to be $7,382. 

What is the Goal for Phase One?

  • If we raise $300,000, our monthly mortgage will be $5,500.  
  • Our current monthly payment is $4,100 ($2,100 for our mortgage and a $2,000 transfer to the Opportunity Fund each month).