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Becoming a member of Redeemer is simply committing to be a part of the Redeemer church family. It's saying that these will be my people and that the Lord is my God. We sign a covenant that outlines what that means.

It doesn't mean that we are always going to agree, because we're not.

It doesn’t mean that we're going to fill our schedules with only these people. We'd never have time then for the people around us who don’t know Jesus.

It doesn't mean that we're going to stay here forever. People move. Life happens.

It does mean that when life happens, that when disagreements happen, that when things go good, bad, and sideways, that this is our family. We will work stuff out in love and together live for Christ and the hope of seeing all of life redeemed by his life, death, and resurrection.


If you'd like to learn more about becoming a member, please contact our pastors at info@redeemerchurch.cc