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While Doing Good

While Doing Good

by Josh Caudill

There's something especially convicting about Peter's words to us this week in particular:

"Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good" -1 Peter 4:19

The season of the presidential election has been exhausting for me, and I suspect it has been for you, too. Over the last week, I've been reflecting on how it's brought out the worst in me at moments, leading me to frustration with those who disagree with me. I've found myself drawn to bitterness repeatedly, and it's been very unhealthy for me.

But at the end of the day, I'm reminded that there are more important things to be doing than being frustrated and holding on to bitterness. There's good news to proclaim. There's love to show. There's good to do.

That's part of what Peter is calling us to in this passage. And, just as Pastor Paul reminded us on Sunday, this is an essential mark of the Christian life. This isn't auxiliary. It is not optional.

The election season will formally wrap up this week--and what a relief. But as things go, there will be more frustration. There will be more disagreement that tries to draw us to bitterness. There will be many things that draw our attention away from the very good news in which we believe.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in this week--and this includes your participation or nonparticipation in the election--remember Peter's encouragement here: let these things all pass while doing good. Let the good news of Christ's kingdom--which is unchanging--fill your heart as you go.

So don't let your heart be overcome with bitterness or despair. There's work to do.

Grace & Peace
Josh Caudill