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Where is Jesus going?

Where Is Jesus Going?

by Josh Caudill

"As he was saying these things, many believed in him" -John 8:30.

When we reach the end of the passage we studied yesterday, I find myself a bit surprised. It could be said that Jesus is somewhat confusing in this passage, but moreover, He comes down pretty harshly on His audience here. Yet, in the end, many believe in Him.

Jesus is interrogated quite extensively in this passage, but He is ready. When asked about the details of His testimony, Jesus tells them that they can't really understand unless they first understand where He comes from and where He goes. When pressed further, He makes an even bolder claim: "You know neither me nor my Father. If you knew me, you would know my Father also" -John 8:19.

At this point, Jesus' opposition understands precisely what He means when He uses the word "Father". In this very passage He proclaims His divinity.

So when Jesus tells His audience that they do not know where He comes from or where He goes and when He tells them that they know neither Him nor His Father, He is, in effect, making the same claim. The Pharisees do not know the Father, or they would know where Jesus is going. If they understood the heart of God, they would understand the trajectory of Jesus' ministry.

I wonder who the "many" are who believed in John 8:30. Were they Pharisees, convicted by Jesus' correction? Were they onlookers, affirmed in their suspicion that the legalism of the Pharisees was a flawed system? Were they the disciples, finally beginning to understand the heart of Christ--the heart of the Father himself?

This is Jesus' itinerary through and through. He comes from the Father, and His path is illuminated by the Father's will. I wonder if it is ours?

This week, may we seek Jesus, who is the one and only true path to the Father's heart.

Grace & Peace
Josh Caudill