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The Anatomy of Resurrection

The Anatomy of Resurrection

by Josh Caudill

"How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ speak to our whole life: to our head, to our heart, and to our hands?"

We each engage the Gospel distinctly. The Gospel has, historically, spoken in very different ways to all who encounter it. For proof, just look to the four Gospels: four accounts of the life of Jesus written by four different men, and each story looks very different, indicating the unique ways each was impacted by the good news of God's Kingdom.

But it is not possible to encounter the Gospel and remain unchanged. The resurrection of Christ confounds us completely: head, heart, and hands. We cannot see the risen Christ and continue our lives as they had been before.

So, this week, ask yourself this: How does the Gospel change you? When you face the truth of the resurrected man, Jesus Christ, what must you do in response?

Reflect on this this week.




May the power of Christ's resurrection transform you deeply and change the way you think, feel, and act this week.

Grace & Peace
Josh Caudill