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Teach What is Good

Teach What is Good

by Christy McDonald

Titus 2:3
"They are to teach what is good."

I love to read posts/blogs from funny moms about parenting. They don't give me any advice on how to make things better. They simply state the facts: this is hard! They remind me that I am not the only one struggling, and they make me laugh. For example:

"Cleaning with small children in the house is like building a sandcastle five inches from the shoreline. It's an exercise in futility that serves no purpose other than to tell my children that I live here, too."
"I remixed leftover meatballs into taco meat for a lazy dinner. My kid asked me why there was no shredded cheese, guacamole, or anything else and I explained that the theme for tonight is prison and that these are prison tacos so stay in school. #parenting #parentingtips #prisontacos" -Bunmi Laditan

I have seen over and over again that the best thing I can do for a mom is to tell her my struggles. I think pretending that I have the answers is not only a lie, but damaging. I send some crazy unattainable message that they should achieve perfect mom status eventually, or they are a failure. Now don't think I am saying you should just stand by and watch a mom drowning with a child that might be hypothetically running outside naked at the age of 6. Please give your best advise to nip that in the bud! (Why are boys so comfortable naked?) Anyway, I think that I can teach that is good through both successes and struggles. I can teach that God is what is my constant, not my life, obviously.

The point is this: be on each other's team. I always love watching the old ball player telling the rookie the secrets of the game--sometimes things they can't physically do anymore. It helps both the rookie and the seasoned player. "You older ladies are teaching the younger ones whether it's deliberate or not." That is the truth! Why not choose to teach deliberately? I want to pass on truths, not lies. I want to benefit others and find a joy while doing it. That is a promise, remember? It is better to give than to receive. I want to laugh at the common struggles we all face. It is so much better being a cheerful giver. God loves a cheerful giver. We don't need to be stingy with our lives, because God is sufficient. You believe that, don't you? Then get out there and teach what is good.

Grace & Peace
Christy McDonald