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Monday Musings

Monday Musings

by Josh Caudill

We're starting something new here at Redeemer. Well, that's a bit of a strong statement; let me start over.

We're trying something new here at Redeemer. It may not stick, but we hope that it can be encouraging and challenging, and that it will inspire conversations about the Gospel and what God is doing at Redeemer and in Norman.

Our pastors do a phenomenal job each week of leading us through God's word and helping us understand how it affects our lives. Pastors Andy and Paul have invited me into the circle, so to speak. Every Monday, there will be a short blog post on our website with a few thoughts about the week's sermon. We hope it will help to keep the conversation going throughout the week.

We're calling it Monday Musings (even though it's Tuesday and we're just now getting the first one posted). Let us know what you think!

Grace & Peace
Josh Caudill