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Meditating on Maundy



Meditating on Maundy

by Andy McDonald

"The term 'maundy' in 'Maundy Thursday' comes to us from the Latin root mandatum, or 'commandment', from Jesus’s words in John 13:34:
'A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.'
Jesus had just finished washing the disciples' feet. But what Jesus instituted here points to a sacrificial love of eternal significance."

Philippians 2, as a short biography on the person and work of Jesus, has always amazed me. Jesus lowered himself. The Apostle Paul tells us there that we are to have this mind in us too. But in John 13 we have the narrative account of Jesus--master, teacher, rabbi--lowering himself to wash feet.

A king who served rather than being served.

Then, he called those that he served first--and whom he would serve ultimately on the Cross--to serve likewise. Those whom he loved first he called to love others. Let the weight of this call sit in your mind for a moment.


"On Maundy Thursday the Creator of the universe bent down to his knees to wash the dirt from the calloused feet of his followers. And as he scrubbed away the dirt, he scrubbed from his Bride all possible justifications for ethnic and economic hierarchies. He radically upset cultural norms. And now he calls us to go low in foot-washing-like service to one another."

What other response can you have but to serve? What excuse can you find to hold back your love and service to others?

Let the weight of the love of God ignite your motivation to serve and love others today. Who can you serve? Who can you lower yourself to help--not for your glory, but because you get to live out the command of the One you whom you owe all?

Grace & Peace
Andy McDonald


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