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Gospel Coaching


It's the time of year at Redeemer that we sign up for Gospel Coaching (one-on-one discipleship).

As I have reflected on my last five or so years of being coached at Redeemer, two major benefits to gospel coaching stand out:

1) You get the gospel, not advice. Everywhere you turn, it seems there is someone ready to give you advice on what to do or not do in your life. It can be difficult to escape the noise and find authentic peace. For me, gospel coaching has been the exact opposite of what I find in the world. It's a focused time to discuss work, relationships, family, and any other facet of life in a gospel context. Gospel coaching doesn't give me advice and solutions; it gives me Jesus and his church.

2) Gospel coach pairings turn into God-glorifying friendships. I have been blessed to meet with some godly, patient, kind, and just plain fun women. These pairings have all turned into friendships, even after our specific gospel coaching commitment has ended. The genuine foundation these relationships are built on allows us to continue to love one another, encourage one another, and hold each other accountable as we strive side-by-side in the body of Christ.

I love that Redeemer provides such a great opportunity in gospel coaching. I have seen God use this structure and these relationships to knit His church together in a unique way, and I would encourage anyone to sign up and experience what it is like to grow together in Christ!

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