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Are you a college student? About to be in college? Affected in some way by the life of the universities and schools in our city? You may be in the right place. Redeemer cares about college students, and we hope that we can provide a place of growth for you while you're in Norman.


It's difficult for us to stress just how important university life is to us at Redeemer for many reasons. Students from across the country and around the world will attempt to make their home in Norman temporarily (and sometimes beyond the expected four years!), and this brings many challenges. At Redeemer, you'll find a sort of spiritual home. You'll share experiences you will never forget with your peers as well as with those both older and younger than you.


The college years can often be a time of great change for many individuals, and we welcome that. In fact, we may not have an answer to every question you encounter. We're not ashamed to admit this; God often eludes our understanding, and we'd love for you to join us in our journey to explore His Word and what it means in the world.


At Redeemer, you'll be invited to join us in service to our community of faith. We're exploring the reality of how the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is redeeming all of life, and we hope you'll join us, learn from us, teach us, and experience this redemption alongside us.

-Sunday Morning Service
-10:30 a.m. at Events @ Madison Square (480 24th Ave NW Norman, OK)

-College Regroup:
- Join us for lunch most Sundays after the worship service

- Every other Sunday, 5:30 pm -  842 Cardan Pl, Moore, OK 73160

-Contact Shawn Seymour

Interested in Gospel Coaching?
-Contact Amy Billings

Interested in more in-depth leadership development and training?
-Contact Andy McDonald