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The Life of Lazarus



The Life of Lazarus

by Josh Caudill

I wonder what Lazarus' life was like.

We know that he and his family were close to Jesus, and perhaps we can draw some conclusions from these facts, but what I'm really curious about is the latter part of Lazarus' life.

You know, the part of his life after he died.

In John 11, Jesus performs what will be one of His most iconic and climactic miracles. His friend Lazarus has died, and Jesus, against all odds, brings hope to his friends and family. He walks up to Lazarus' grave and calls him forth from death.

Lazarus rises and goes. But what happens after this? What did he do with the rest of his life? How did he even process these events? Did he understand the role his resurrection had played in the ministry of Jesus--in the annunciation and initiation of the Kingdom of God?

I suspect that Lazarus was quite vocal about the miracle he had experienced. How could he not be? Sure, it would be quite difficult to explain, but how could one be brought back from death and not carry a sense of obligation to tell of the power that gave you life?

And yet I, once dead in sin, now living through the renewal of the Spirit of God and the death of Jesus himself, remain, often, silent about the miracle that is my life. How can I experience the power of resurrection and remain voiceless? Indeed, I squander this gift of life if I keep it to myself.

At the beginning of John 11, Jesus tells His disciples that those who walk in darkness stumble, while those who see the light walk, unobstructed. He immediately follows this statement with the announcement of Lazarus' coming resurrection, for in the raising of this man He demonstrates the depth of His power. At the resurrection of Lazarus, Jesus shows us what He has already told us: He is that light.

May my light shine this week, and may yours as well.

Grace & Peace
Josh Caudill