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He is Still Risen, Indeed

He is Still Risen, Indeed

by Josh Caudill

A week ago we celebrated a moment in history: the resurrection of Jesus, our Lord and our Savior. We told stories of those who discovered his empty tomb, we celebrated together with our families, and we were exceedingly grateful for this grace--the grace of God appearing, bringing salvation for all people.

Yesterday we gathered, again, to worship. What did we celebrate? What was the purpose of our gathering? Did we remember this moment again? Or was our celebration only just for a moment as well?

The power of the Gospel is not that a man came back from the dead once upon a time many years ago, but that the power by which this came to pass is working in our world today. Christ's resurrection ought not only be cause for celebration, it ought to transform everything. Christ is still risen.

In a divided and fragile world, Christ's resurrection is hope. It was hope in the kingdom in which his followers had trusted on that first Easter morning, it was hope last Sunday on Easter, and it is hope today as well. We can have confidence in our faith that God is working all around us, bringing redemption and grace.

As Andy told us this week, "The reason we're still here is that God's grace needs to find somebody today."

Who, in your life, needs to hear this story? Who do you know who is in need of grace?

Challenge yourself to ask this question every day this week. Seek out individuals who need to know that there is grace, and that it abounds.

He is still risen.

He is still risen, indeed.

Grace & Peace
Josh Caudill